Welcome to Ferret Radio
Bringing you the best "not terrible" music

About us
We are a 24/7 nonprofit, independent internet radio that is dedicated to playing subjectively the best music that can be found.
A wide variety of genres are explored by our DJs, so get to know their styles and see what suits you most!.
As of right now there is no specific schedule which we follow, but our DJs will send out a ping in our Discord when they begin streaming. Come in and have a chat!
Keep up to date by reading our news so if something breaks, the station dies or we add something fancy you'll know exactly what happens!

// You are currently viewing the old version of the site which existed from April 2016 to May 2017. This site was originally a bootstrap admin panel template that Xeno and myself found, before changing it up and turning it into the site you see here. Everything still works just as it did back then.
You can view the source code on GitHub and feel around as much as you want. (The new site is on there too!)
Also as a heads up, this version is still supported.
Have fun and happy listening. -OKIINU

It's called Ferret Radio but what does it have to do with Ferrets????" -Everyone

Link back to the new site: Here.